Thursday, February 4, 2010

OMG, Cramer says "Look for Bargain Longs" -- Run for the hills

I rarely read Cramer.  He is damaging.   He is a tool of HBB intended to make Joe Six pack "street professionals" and give them the confidence to chunk down their hard earned cash.

His calls have been awful.   I think intentionally timed to fleece the public.   It is a charade, and someday it may be investigated as a crime.  Right now, we all know, and HBB has know for many years, there is no prosecution coming of the big boyz.   That sentiment may change.

Hey, only one person liked my wave pictures....ouch, that took like 45 minutes!   I am hurt.  Just kidding.

But after reading the Cramer resolve to add new shorts is strong, holding quite a bit of QID, and FAZ overnight.   Japan is off to a solid 1.5% down, and the US does NOT follow Japan, but does not move opposite of Japan either.   Japan down strong is not a bad sign for holding shorts.

Employment numbers are rumored to be -800,000 after some of the previous lies are backpedaled on.  This is the reality.

Trim-tabs make abundantly clear that while gov claiming employment to be steady around 10%, income tax revenues are steadily and significantly decreasing.  And that's all I got to say about that.

Here to Cramer...the friend of the common man.  I was at a clients house 2 weeks ago, and the wife had 2 financial sales people there, stated, dead pan....why not put some money to work in the stock market, everything is "on sale".

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