Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bears have thrown in the towel (and bonus AUD FX Chart)

Bears have thrown in the towel.

Only 36,000 Us citizens lost their jobs, and that was represented as "reeeeeally good".

This is a broken clock.   Bad means good, High debts mean stimulate more to encourage growth so debt can be absorbed.

All fiat currency is at risk, timing is the only decision.

Above chart by commenter Ultra

Lifted from "Ultra's" Site.
Go Visit, its easy.   Go to comments, click on his avatar, then click on blog and it takes you there.    It works this way on all Disqus comment systems.

But their are two sides to every trade. I haven't really followed the AUD pairs much, so i don't know how they react to classic patterns like HS IHS. I do know that EUR/USD frequently throws the HS and IHS under the just ignores them 90% of the time.

If you are short AUD, as always you should keep that tightly reined in with a stop.

Steveo out.

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