Friday, March 12, 2010

Charts and rants

Charts and rants...a great Friday morn' to ya!

There have been house fires occuring 1 or 3 a week in Oahu.   No one has expressed a theory on this yet.....hmmmm.   Overcrowding perchance?  Overburdened perchance? Sign of things to come.

In China, 11 rare Tigers, only 300 left in the world die of starvation--no money to buy food. Shouldn't they have donated these tigers to somewhere else? They were feeding them only chicken bones (not meat). What is the extent of human pride in keeping these a zookeeper, being willing to kill a rare and endangered species rather than saying....sorry we can't afford them, can you take care of the tigers for us.

The animals are going "animal"

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