Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fear Factor (Nailed by the VIX)

Updated post today, in response to a reader asking for some interpretation. Like this stuff? Sign up as a's just a click folks, and it let's me know that maybe someone appreciates the efforts.

Below is the Fear Factor (FF)--
Including the numerator and denominator charts. The Precious Metals combo I created (which incidentally, EWI just 'lifted' and started using a very similar thing) is about as flat lined as a boneless chicken. The USD is pretty flat too, with the Euro (it's main counterparty) meandering around on a significant 38 Fib.

And the SPY it also flat lined. Therefore the VIX is having it's way with the Fear Factor indicator, check the charts, they will give you a good understand of this animal I call Fear Factor.

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