Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow, too bad I have to work! This is exciting

Leverage restrictions are being increased, see Etrade email.   Perfect timing....the rally that no one got on except the thieves that knew the easy money would keep flowing, and now that a  turn down is near...and the bears accounts have been dwindled....don't let them make any serious money, cut the leverage.   Only the great HBB deserves to make money, the rest can work if they can find a job.

ES having a pop on Europe trading day start.

And don't forget, the great bald evil one speaketh tomorrow....promising more easy money (easy to do whilst Euro is set to crash).

Too bad bald Eagles have to be beggars, even if proud beggars.  Is it worse to be a humble beggar or a proud beggar?  Riddle me thus.

Quoted from an email by Steveo today (can one quote oneself?)
The world is getting more and more weird. It is like human complacency is not tolerated by natures design, so randomness rages is to secure future growth (if we don’t totally f the earth up)

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