Monday, May 31, 2010

It is not Logic that drives humans

I have a few sites that I feel obligated to review every now and again.  The one I picked for today's lashing seems to be "real"-- however they never get bearish, right now they are "neutral" because there is lots of good news out there.

Below excerpts from their latest--A Dash of Insight

Studied Bulls
The European situation is going to take many months -- perhaps even years -- to unfold. The best thing investors can do is to understand that this is not a replay of 2008

The "real world"  has moved on from the European debate.  You can look at any MSM (mainstream media) source from this weekend to discover the top concerns. 
The Truth about Europe
A reasonable projection of impact for the US is not that significant....
The Good
The economic news hit the right notes for the key indicators.
Home prices moved higher and sales were much stronger.

Last Week's Data
The actual data from last week generally beat expectations .  If you had just been reading the news flow from the US, you would never have predicted the wild swings and negative bias
Bear response--

You have no idea what moves markets.  Get this--the markets are not moved by the continuously onslaught of "news".   Some news will move the market, at least temporarily, but most won't matter at all.   The Gulf Spill...this will seep into the pysche and affect things.  Most market moves are fractals caused by the collective human consciousness combined with fear, greed, hope, desire, and all the things that really drive humans---IT IS NOT LOGIC that drives humans, OK?

I would agree this is not 2008.  Now--- there are no jobs being created.   Millions have been thrown out of their houses, and they are mad.  48% of Americans say they are stressed with debt.  Millions are underwater on their houses, maybe for a decade or more, there is no escape for the most part.  USA has drastically increased it's debt, without proportional changes in future competitiveness.  Many of our good jobs have gone oversees.  We are chasing out the illegal aliens who did all the work during the boom time that Amercians are "above", but now Americans are happy enough (desperate enough) to be happy with any job.   In fact the "take away" from the reckless spending to fix the mess is that recklessness is rewarded or at least made whole.  A complete lack of trust of business, finance, and government has been generated.  Contract law is now regularly violated.  None of the problems of the financial system have been fixed, they have just been covered up and we all know it.

So I agree, this is not 2008.

and PS, you are listening to MSM (Main Stream media) in order to figure out what is really going on?   Huh?  I don't think I can help you.....ever.

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