Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from Vacation

Nice to come home and see the vacation paid for several times over!!!   hua!!

I'll make you folks a deal....everytime I go on vacation, the market tanks, like when I was in Hokkaido last month.

So y'all pay for the vacations, and I will take lots of them?   Good deal?  the record is a perfect 100%, which is way better than 100% of all fund managers.

Here is my thoughts on alternation.   Last July the bearish got decimated on the head and shoulders.     Right now CNBC (rumored since I refuse to ever ever watch them) is talking about the bearish H&S, and that ain't shampoo.   So what happens now?    All the bears are covering their shorts, expecting another ramp job.  

Perfect time for an 8% down day, following last weekends eclipse and declining global emotions on the world cup.

Watch the Euro, but for now the contrarian play is that weak handed hobby shorts may have to take a little ramp tomorrow--but will get stopped out at a loss, but I anticipate a large large down, since most everyone will miss it.  

When the down happens it will be fast (or as is the norm of last years ramp -80% happened on futures during market closed hours) or during after hours futures trading.

Ill try to post up some charts later.

I WATCH THE EURO, if the S&P is looking skittish (like a bull run), but the Euro is bearish, I will stay bearish.  


  1. Tomorrow will be interesting

  2. I am still on mainland time, so will likely be up for the open, playing ping pong on support and resistance could be very profitable the near future. Core position will remain short, in my humble opinion.


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