Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Closed Shorts

Tomorrow is Fed Speak day.  They are creative, they are good, they are powerful.   However, too bad they been dealt a macro hand that is impossible to win.   

Closed all shorts except 2 futures in at 1102.75 on the /ES.
Holding a few long term trades, Natty via UNG,
Almost embarrassed to say I own that value depleting rollover contango son a gun, but it has been great lately, and gulf events and seasonal trends mean I will have a pretty strong hand on that one.

2 gold miner stocks, PTQMF and BGLPF--nothing too exciting there.

Some managed futures (they stink....12 month and net result is like 3% down, like most professionals....they need a strong trend to "survive")

also holding some UUP (USD ETF), but ready to throw that under the bus soon as I think wave 5 will be done.


  1. Good move imo....i say rally time

  2. What is your rally thoughts based on?
    I am just in a risk control mode while concentrating on other things.

  3. its based on hope. We closed below the 200 yest. The bulls will prob battle to take the 200 again. I def wouldnt be short at these levels.


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