Friday, June 18, 2010

Dirty Harry and Strong Resistance

Hope you folks find this stuff entertaining and useful -- I don't go read other sites to come up with ideas on what to post and analyze.   DROP SOME COMMENTS!  

If no one is reading this stuff, I am not motivated to post.

Timmay, doing the dirty Harry look...tough on inflation, tough on China, tough on tax payers....ouch.

Euro will be golden if it punches through this resistance, or it could plummet to .8 (a 50% drop) if it gets rejected by my line in the sand.

Fear Factor is kind of in no man's land, the horizontal line is not signifying anything except where we are now....and that doesn't match up with any longer term horizontal resistance.


  1. now, there's a scary headline, 'Treasury to gain expanded powers'. tho it could always be worse. it could say, 'Fed to gain expanded powers'.

    how come nobody with a brain...say, someone who understood what was happening in real time back when the housing bubble was about to burst, or something....ever gains expanded powers? why is that?

  2. What is most amusing to me ( in a sad way), is that all of these problems and bubbles were easily recognizable, No new powers are needed, just a bit of honesty and enforcement of the existing laws.

    Speaking of Brokers and fjnancial advisers, a friend in 2005 stated...well it must be legal if they are doing it. I explained how things were already operating soooo far outside the existing laws. Some people think I am batty.


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