Friday, June 18, 2010

CPI components, Contributors, neat website

I didn't want to lose this link so posting it here.
"Economic Eye Candy"---gotta love it.


  1. they're slow, but they catch on eventually. ha!

  2. Yeah, so basically all of the inflation seen has been due to oil going from 32 to 80.....I see deflation everywhere....(spoken like that kid in the ghost movie).....

  3. I agree, but most people don't see it because they price of gas is still high. myopia rules!

  4. For my local anecdote, i went into Walmart yesterday, havent been there in many months.

    They had redone the whole store, and now had a huge food section -- I guess those guys and gals from Arkansas are pretty smart....who wants to buy semi junky trinkets from China money in it, people are using their money for food. And the prices were good (deflated).

    But also noted that some other items can gone up quite a bit, just a few specific items, but stuff that I needed.


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