Monday, June 14, 2010

Earthquake and a Minor Unification Theorum (MUT)

Chart of Earthquakes, not to brag, especially about someone else's misfortune, but the mass human psyche, which is all of us, an in particular the market, is affected by big things like earthquakes (related eclipses, although none right now), moons, and who knows what else.   I have this Google gadget that plots earthquakes, and it is on my home page.   I have relatives in Japan and someday they will see an 8.0, and in Hawaii just last year we had a pretty good tsunami scare, so forgive me if I have this little macabre Google gadget.   But it is pretty cool in way, besides the capability to possible protect my family and friends. 

It shows a more important thing...even this thing called the Earth that we like to think of as "being on solid ground", is transitory.   You can find stability in your own thoughts, your comfort level with instability, mojo inner peace, what have you....but if you wish for and expect stability in the Earth itself, the markets, or other peoples reaction to shall be sadly disappointed.     And that is one reason why I chart Earthquakes, and why last week I predicted some odd earthquakes to come with this new moon.   And actually it seems like they come a day or three after the moon.   When the moon and sun are aligned the planet gets stretched, then when it slides to the side, it pulls the planet section to the side, a so-called pop me pull me effect. 

What is funny, is that this is very obvious to mechanical and gravitational thought process of physics, and yet nothing like this has ever been printed in anything that I have ever read.   Not saying that there aren't kooks out there similar to me, but I have not read anything like it, and it is far, far away from mainstream media.

I think it would hurt the human pysche to have to admit that an orbiting rock could adversely affect us "great and powerful humans" in such an extreme way.    And herein, I think we find some truths about ourselves and the way that we can relate to our own lives and those around us.

Please note post from last week, and get the gadget from Google!

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