Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reducing this blog by 90%

It has been rather disappointing that as as this humble little blog approaches 100,000 visitors (total, since inception), that there are almost no comments at all, even with 500 visitors in a day, maybe only 1 or 2 comments.  

I was hoping this would turn into more than a 1 way street, and perhaps it will.

For now though, I will concentrate on making money and making money at trading.   There has been a small circle of "email" alerts that has started circling and I think I will restrict my majority of chart and indicators posts to that group of fellow bloggers who work hard to share with the others.   Thanks for everyone who has come to visit and added something to the conversation.

For the lurkers out there....check out Jing.....great screen capture and it links to screencast to easily post your screen caps.

I'll be back if there is any sign that this blog has more activity than a graveyard / after the oil gusher is subdued.

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