Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thieves in the middle of the night

One chart below shows a massive stop sweep.   This can’t happen without coordinated effort, and/or coordinated algo’s.


I saw this on the NQ futures, but was surprised to see this blatant sweep on the ES futures as well.   The pop in the Euro was last night, not anywhere near this pop /sweep.


Also, here again is the bouncing Ball Chart.  Note that the pricing and timing are coordinated.  Look at the Sep/Oct time frame.





  1. I am shocked...shocked! find coordinated efforts/algos in the pursuit of fleecing the greatest number of people.

    Strange days, eh?

  2. In market with so many participants, you kind of wonder how any group can pull off these stunts with impunity.

    What surprises me is how little they attempt to hide the actions. For quite a few years HBB knew there was no prosecution coming.

  3. Hey, is this color scheme pretty readable?

  4. Like the round mould; is it your tool? Really defines a rounded top

  5. Looks to me like we make a right shoulder peaking in early August...

    Just in time for a moon cycle, a Bradley date, and Arch's prognostication

  6. Looks like reality....The ellipse has not lied since last October (and even then it didn't lie)...I like this price and time method! Thanks for the new link will check it out. Carrying only 2 small short positions....only long I will carry would be a daytrade on the rare day that I can daytrade.

  7. Yeah, I drew this thing last fall, and every so often I open up that chart and whallah! amazing. I had little idea what I was drawing when I was drawing it, just the beginnings of a weakening up cycle.

    Thanks for stopping by. I see that you are a bear. Me too, but I am actually quite bullish by nature and looking forward to a nice steady growth cycle....after we get S&P=200 and an attitude adjustment toward entitlement thinking.

  8. Exactly, my short is like 2% of total portfolio, limit order to buy back on a big selloff


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