Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bear Squeeze - The same ol' tricks

I noted earlier in the day, see prior post, that the indices were all moving up exactly in unison.   I guess when Ben starts buying the market, he has to do it evenly or it would show favoritism.  

Finviz makes this very easy to see.   When you see this, and in bearish positions, you best take a few lumps and short again from a higher level.


  1. Thanks for the charts, Steveo.

  2. I'm pretty lumpy after today, I must say. Hope you are not too much so.

  3. This was the hardest, fastest ramp job of the whole rally from 15 months, and the three main indices moved up in lock-step fashion, only seen that a few times before. It is obvious that this is a controlled and concerted buying, but yeah pretty lumpy, closed a few short positions figuring I can sell again higher, but you never know.

  4. Glad you like them, and feel free to post some of your own. I know I lurked around the blogosphere for years before making a comment, and then another year before posting a chart....good communications tools though, to have that ability.


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