Saturday, July 24, 2010

Russia Heat Wave -2000 Drowned

From the world of "huhhh?!"

In the last few months, Russians have been swimming in every body of water they can find to cool off during a massive heat wave. Officials say that over 2000 people have drowned in the last few months, most of them were swimming while drunk.

You don't have to make this stuff up...just watch the news.

And check out this GOATMUG blog, he finds and posts some meaningful data.   Data that wipes to smirk off the stupidly bullish faces of those like CNBC pimps.

One of his links was the Rails, a real indicator of industrial goods being moved around, a real indicator of the economy.   Huh?  Again, why is it worse than last year (which wasn't all that great anyway)

Look at these charts -  Please really look at all of them.   Don't be deceived, this country is in a world of hurt.

And the link below has data from 2010 (not just to year end of 2009 which the above charts show. Scroll to the bottom, there is neat "recession indicator" which tracks vehicles and scrap metal, and they are both tanking this month, cash for clunkers is long gone.


  1. The incredible fundamental weakness in the economy is one of those things that always catches up to us. But does that mean we can't rally to ES 1150 or something? 'Course not.

    You have it pegged, though, imo. The time is coming when the piper must be paid, and, man, will that be ugly.

    In the meantime, I'm building my bankroll playing these wild moves. Trader's paradise. Listening to Crawford and Merriman, we're just starting the 'Cardinal Climax', a month of near-insanity in potentially big market moves. The first time we've seen this astrological alignment in 80 years, so I'm paying attention.

    It's really bad for swing traders and such, because there doesn't seem to be a trend they can latch onto. But if you like trading fast, and are quick with the mouse, you can make some decent dough during days like these.

    If you're betting longer-term, I have to think short is the only way to go. My only question is, why don't more people realize what's going on? I guess the general populace isn't as interested as they were in the go-go 90s. There are going to be a lot of shocked folks out there, and they're going to be extremely unhappy about the mess our financial, economic and political leaders got us into.

    Talk about a change in social mood....

  2. Good point about why more people don't realize the bigger picture...people do realize that jobs are plentiful, but that is about as far as it goes. Will have to think about that one, maybe the media is doing "a good job"


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