Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full moon, PRS 133 and important charting tips, Deflation

Below are some important comments about using TOS and trading with the PRS133.   The PRS 133 is one of the most important trading signals that actually works.   However, it takes finesse to pick the channel.

Awoooowh! Werewolves of Wall Street Awooooh!  Stalking the Zombie consumer, wishing they had a little more meat on their bones.!v=axWeV9Cz-aM&feature=related
It's a full from nearby park in Hawaii over the weekend.

Now that Deflation is a common word, I expect the opposite to happen, very temporarily.    In fact, I received notice from my suppliers of material increases of 6 to 10% effective August 1, 2010.    From the world of WTF?

On TOS, is you are using PRS 133 (and 177 channels), you must know that the channel line do not image properly,  AT ALL, on the 1 minute and the tick chart.    They get all screwed up, and I have no idea why.    The 5, 15, 1 hour, and 4 hour seem to image well, the 5 being the best in my humble but limited experience.

the 1 day help define the channel line, but does not image well either, because the intraday moves are the ones the hit eh PRS support or resistance.

Those bloggers that use only Horizontal resistance, I think, are way off base.   Sure those points can be important, however, using only Horizontal resistance is like driving by only using your rear view mirrors.   Why would anyone choose that?.


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