Thursday, August 5, 2010

AUD/USD plus update charts at bottom

Currencies are driving things to a large extent, and by that I mean the S&P.

Lots of indices, like the trannies have bullish patterns, trannies are in a cup and handle, ready to rocket up.
Others have triangles with horizontal tops....thats bullish.   others are inverse head and shoulders.

Earnings are still coming out, and some 2Q stuff looks should, the Gov dumped $3T to $12T in order to get $300B to $500B back in GDP.    And data spin is in high gear as "they" smoke their hopium that their investment in stimulation will not tank.  

EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD all correlate well with S&P

Certainly if S&P is the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and is getting pulled down by a few currencies, the powers that be can primp the market with just a few hundred million into futures and index buys, and they can keep doing that as long as they want. So when the currencies drop, like they look ready to soon, wiithin a week max, and the 800 lbs gorilla looks like he is on crack....then get ready.  

My birthday is August 11th, then 10th is a big turn day by Bradley models, 1 of the 2 biggest of the year, they say.   I don't know the Bradley methods, however.

This is from which does some nice charts.   AUD looks near the top.

/ES if farting around in similar fashion, bouncing around some important Fibs....ramping past to 1127 last night to wipe out stops, following the silly Eur "party".    Topping patterns are hard to trade.

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