Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Commercial

Is their a single decent blog out there that has not gone commercial?

Seriously.    This free, non commercial blog gets maybe a comment or two  per day, and yet there is  nothing else out here providing value without fee.   Even then, I wonder.

Sign of a top.  No comments on my blog...just saying....time to give up.....and thus admit a top.....



  1. I think I've mentioned before that I'm a conviction trader - not really in & out. I plunge and then take my lumps from the ensuing gyrations. That said, I usually get the 'really big' trends right - although this time around the Fed boned me (is still boning me) pretty badly....

    Anyways, that will explain why I don't offer much in the way of reply to your chartology - which I view daily and appreciate very much - as I'm 'all-in' already. However, OTCB & The Looming Doom are still (regrettably) non-commercial and I received only one comment on the unemployment post and none on the apocalypse post.....and if you ask me, that's some pretty funny shit!

    Keep the faith....winter is on the way! hehehe

  2. Steveo, thank you for your work! It is always great stuff. There is the start of the move I was expecting after the fakeout this week.

  3. like moon follow we hit high yesterday 8/9 traded days after full moon

  4. I will have to rescind part of my comment/mini rant.
    Daneric provides a free site, and great analysis.
    Slope of Hope is free, but the blog comments are so "party going" that it is effectively unusable.
    TTW has free section and good blog commentary.

  5. What Tom said goes for me, too. I do try to let you know I've been visiting, but a lot of times I have nothing to add, sitting here like a bobblehead doll agreeing with you.

    But I do appreciate everything you post. Even if I don't say so every time.

    Tuesday is a Bradley turn date, the second and last one of supposed major import this year (there are a bunch of lesser ones coming up...). I don't know, I've checked the charts against dates so far in 2010, and I'm not wildly impressed by the Bradley dates, but maybe I'm being too exacting.

    Anyway, the Cardinal Climax goes until Aug 21, I think it is. For an astrological event that last appeared in 1930, I'm not so sure it's been worth the wait, though the craziness is pretty crazy as Crawford and the rest said it would be. I suppose it ain't over 'til it's over, so the next couple weeks into options expiry should bear watching.

  6. I've been gravitating towards more macro and niche blogs, e.g. Spiraldates, FOFOA, Biiwii, and yours (your Fear Factor chart is an example).

    Naturally ZH is a must read, also Jesse and Harvey Organ.

    Besides the fact that when it's "Fed on", practically all the indicators go out the window, most of the traders IMO are missing the big picture, or more likely have their head deep in the sand (after all, when it all changes, many of them will not be able to adapt).


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