Friday, August 20, 2010

Bears going crazy

Bears are going kind of crazy, killing lots of people this year.   I mean real bears.



  2. Short side=short window=big profits!!! Steveo, maybe I am wrong here, tell me what you think about my theory. This range we are in now is chopping bulls and bears alike. I don't think we just grind out lower lows. Going back to the "big moves AH" and not letting johnny lunchbucket "us" profit big from the short side on the next big decline. How inclined are "most" people to go short after the market drops 150-200 S&P points in two, three or four days? Not many. This is what I believe is going to happen here, don't know when, it could be next week, it could be six months from now. Everything is in place for sooner rather than latter. Wake up to lock limit down and it can't be saved. Go back to 2008, remember when the "real" selling starts it can't be stick saved. I had a great week, I hope you did also.

  3. the question that comes to mind is, are the bears suddenly becoming more deadly and aggressive, or are the humans becoming more complacent and trusting that nothing bad can happen to them?

    somehow I don't think bears suddenly have changed their behavior after centuries. people do, though, all the time.

  4. Had a good week, for sure. I like your many people/sheeple have been trained to buy the dip? lots.

    How many burnt bears have the guts to short or press shorts on a 4 day down, of like 15%.....maybe 4 of 100 have the gumption. So game on!

  5. Dark -- I think that this wave 3 thing plays out among all pysche-conscious mammals, and real bears are one of them. Also like your theory that humans are too complacent....I see that often now in news and attitudes....

    Workers at $15 per hour are ready to buy $900,000 houses....huh?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  6. Well Said!

    Alll joking aside, thanks for your comments on this humble but arrogant blog!


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