Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fast Break to new lows at expiry. Then bounce

I am trying hard to avoid the temptation to "get cute" with this market and play every bounce up and down.

The Euro is confirmed down, and cable may soon follow.

That means S&P500 should follow...even more than it has.  

TNX 10 year bonds popped the PES 133 line, the strongest indicator out there.   And now looks ready for rally.   Some late comers to the game are now touting USD rally.   Excuse me, but Duh?  Of course it will.  As FET (financial entertainment television) trots out China selling dollars...of course USD will rally.


  1. Nice call. I was second guessing myself this morning for not locking in some nice profits in AH lastnight. We get past es 84 back for a visit to 70.

  2. Check out the first chart on this link, 1060 looks like a magnet pulling the price down. At that point I may "get cute" and lock in some profits.

  3. Nice chart, come on 70 break!! No big bounce yet, we get the 60 I am locking down for the day.


  4. Euro and Cable now getting pounded, hehe

  5. Philly fed survey number spanked hard.


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