Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interesting all the new highs on "misc financial".   Other than that the new lows on healthcare, services, and technology are notable.

Over 13 weeks, Insurance/Life and S&L Bank have been body slammed.   Russell quite slammed compared to S&P and Dow, Dow down only 1.9% over 13 weeks

Check the chart below.   Trading on E-trade is kind of a joke, but for long swing positions, it can be nice to "set and forget" for a week.   They do have some nice summary tables like shown below, and a good look at put call, as well as data export to Excel.  

I set a stink offer for QID, and it hit nicely at open,  Could have gone higher with my price, but out of that trade and looking to buy it back at lower price on expected rally in US equities.

Some disparity between Cable, Euro, and SPX today.  Japan down over 3% last night on worries over their strong currency.

The egg above and below is the same, and was first drawn in fall with 3 touch points. See the link below, open in new window, and compare to the egg as it has evolved. In perfect fashion, the market has ramped up higher than expected it could.


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