Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gap fill on ES and Cable becoming non-correlated with SPX

That may have been on obligatory swat down after the gap fill.
Yesterday daily volume was low.   Ramps are cheap to do, and no one wants to stand in their way.

I have noticed more and more divergences from Cable and SPX, and this month their correlation is becoming very low, not sure what to make of that.   AUD/USD is way more correlated, I guess I have to start keeping an eye on those Aussies.

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  1. That is an interesting observation. My guess is it means we are going to see a spike of activity in the commodities sectors. USD may get surprisingly punished but not to exceed the 2008 lows. Growth in India and China is pushing 10% already. That is a lot of people, ours and Europes economies (except Germs) are slowing. They aren't exporting to us so much as meeting internal demand.


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