Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Observations ES and Cable

Updated above, the tank down continues, ES leading the main FX correlators.

Iran could trigger some fireworks. And Russia is doing their nuclear there is really a match made in hell.

And now, FETV is complicit in pimping out the idea that the bottom kill of the Gulf Well could actually result in release of 1000 barrels of oil, and should on that grounds be perhaps not carried out.   Amazing the lies and misrepresentations the sheeple let themselves be fed.   At this point, who gives a rats ass about 1000 barrels when so much more is already out there?

It is not that I disagree that they ought to pull the oil out of that reserve, they should, they need the money to do the cleanup and we need the oil.   However, the way it is being played out in the media is just insulting.   Kill the well, for sure, and then use the second relief well to pull the oil out.    Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

These folks do such an awesome job of plotting the moon cycles combined with TA, that I dont even try to replicate their work.   Here it is.    I see a slog or sled ride down for yet another V bottom "to be bought".

And the VIX/VXV chart, a great predictor of moves down.   I use the daily chart with 2 BB to predict the little and big moves down.   Refer to prior posts.


  1. Today is looking very interesting, I don't know what to make of it, everything looks very weak as I type. Holding short for now.

  2. I think the wheels are about to come off the cart....everything looks weaks, although gaining in price....ouch. Iran? The bond charts TLT are going ape!


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