Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics and a cool video

Stole this video from "Trading with the Average Jay" who is on my blogroll.   It is from a guy running for office, and is amazing satire, summing up this joke of a political and financial system evolutionary disaster, in 73 seconds....c'mon take 73 seconds and you will laugh and cry.

Of course employment figures lies are planned well in advance.   Dabama's early program were all about "reporting" employment numbers.    As a small business owner, looking at some of the "reinvestment act" pork that was shuffled out to friends and family, core to the additional overhead burdens being put on business owners, was reporting of additional jobs created by the contracts.    It is almost like this was more important that the function of the contract or the end project.

And of the work I saw, you either had to dive on price to get scraps as a subcontractor, and/or you had to be large enough that you could throw 10 estimators at a Request for Proposal and come up with a bid in less than a week.   No joke...that is how much of that money was "awarded".   In other words....the freinds, family, and deep pocket contributors had copies of the RFPs weeks before they were released to the public, and small business was intentionally bypassed.

Now the big push is to get small business to take loans to survive this next phase of whatever is coming.....perfect plan.   In the old days, the US just enslaved third world countries with debt using advanced Economic Hit Man approaches (read the book).    This millenium, they decided to go directly after the real source of wealth, the US itself.   the ol' EHM routine, right at home.   Enslave with debt.

Fortunately except for a few vehicles I have no other debt and need no other debt.   But for many people they are being lead down that rosy path with ruby slippers......


  1. Bravo!

    Well said.

    Cute video, those monkeys are scary though...

  2. Outstanding Steveo. What I posted on TTW today was prior to seeing this and is actually a comment I made over a month ago when I saw that despite patterns that argued strongly for lower prices, they weren't going to let it happen. The "Economic Hit Men" are here and sadly, it is being laid bare that we are led by a government that is willing to crush its citizens economically as well as with regard to it freedom. For without economic freedom, you are a slave. The America we knew and the dreams we had for future generation are D-E-A-D. And I see no way of it ever returning.


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