Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cable is not under the Bus, could be a breakout, Gold to tank?

Well what a tricky expiry week. Just meandering around.

Lower chart from a reader, Check the Slo Sto chart, perfect reversals. However, this goes against Cable, which say Cable up USD down, and USD down ought to mean gold up.

Maybe I'll just go back to putting "Bullish" in every post and comment, that will tank the markets!


  1. come on, steveo, surely you couldn't have thought this pep rally in stocks was over! rah rah rah....then opex goes away and next week we can get a decent pullback.

    people are starting to take pug seriously. what does that tell you about this wave 2? I bet a bunch more jump on his bus before we're done....bus crashes are so messy....

    guess we'll see!

  2. Very Bullish! comment, thanks for being a Bull, no bulls*** there!

  3. I went long FEED, very bullish chart, and I am a BULL


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