Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bullish! FEED with a nice breakout LONG! I'm in, and ROC 28

Went Long FEED, on this overbeaten stock. This was a trade watch list idea from BreakpointTrades. They pointed out a few others today that all broke nicely upwards.   They aren't free, unless you consider the profits from their trade ideas!

And this ROC28 indicator, is from Pattern Profits who has really ramped up their quantity and quality of posts.   They are on my reading list, and totally free.

Check them out.


  1. As soon as I put that ROC 28 chart out there, I got that "this time could be different" feeling. We shall see...

    Thanks for the support and I'll be keeping an eye on FEED.

  2. ben is getting some much needed props around the blogs

  3. Ben rocks, he deserves alot of referrals and clicks. Not even sure if he has Google Ads or such, but he puts in alot of work.

  4. I know one other serious trader who uses ROC as a prime indicator.

  5. Thanks, guys! Trying to do my part to make up for a sub-par performance the first half of the year.


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