Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Window Dressing and Resistance

Quick Thought.....

There has been alot of "Pomo me now" money spent to levitate this latest highly sloped rise.

Not sure is 3Q affect any bonuses or anything.   Maybe the "always bearish September" was just a great opportunity to ramp against the bears.  

Anyhow, there may not be enough POMO or HBB confidence to ramp this thing through the 1140 1150 resistance area, YET, they are not willing to let the lipstick fall off the pig until after the Quarter end so they can report good figures.  Window dressing.

Meanwhile, on the end of the Quarter, tomorrow, as if we needed to add yet another factor into the equation--

The Irish Gov will release their estimate of the cost to wind up the Anglo Irish Bank, previously estimated by others to run about $35B USD.   And for some reason, the Euro has had incredible broad based strength lately.

I have also been watching USD/NOK (Norwegian Krone) which moves interestingly in relation to ES at least recently, just put this on my radar.    It might be more of a dollar and oil play, I haven't researched it much.

See my FX screen on the TOS tab "Trade" great summary setup, way better than clicking back and forth between other full size pages.

And the end game....just like 2008 and into 2009, they will change the rules to "protect" the innocent babes in the woods, yeah right.   FX margin has been reduced by half.   So that  in my tin foil hat view, those who have watched and played can't profit as much from upcoming big moves.

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