Monday, October 11, 2010

Charts for Monday

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These are from around 8AM Hawaii time, 2 PM EST.   

And here is comment from Daneric blog

This is current candles, looks pretty close to your candles, but I guess your program doesn't care if red or white, just mostly the overall range? sound like a pretty tough programming job, not just a bunch of nested Excel formulas.


  1. The 1929-32 chart match seems almost too easy, doesn't it? The old saying that history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.

    That said, it looks awfully ominous and it's definitely hard to ignore.

  2. Alphahorn, I heard you got tired of blogging due to jerks, what is your status?

    Good to see you here, always welcome of course!

  3. hey, yeah I shut down the public blog because of the trolls went private for my regulars

  4. Hi Alpha I see your blog has been changed (due to wally brains i understand?) Is there a way to access the new blog for sensible folks?
    You can email me with yes or no at; Ta


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