Monday, November 22, 2010

Closed copper short, banked some serious coinage

closed copper short based on PRS177 and daily person pivot
will reenter on 3.786 or lower (below the 177)


  1. Well done. Always glad to hear a friend booked profits. (thumbs up)

  2. Thanks, got knocked out above the PRS100 line, then went back short, closed the position, went back in short, closed the position at support, then set a snare trap to catch a further drop. Glad I had that snare trap, short weakness ....i.e. broken support. That account is small, as like you, I am playing small bets until market clarity/rational functioning occurs.

    Now have a profit stop in place that guarantees me 23% increase in account value, since last night. That is a good thing.


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