Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elliot Wave Warning!!!!

I pay $59 every single month to get Elliot Wave daily and monthly reports.   Is it worth it?   I guess from the point of view of protecting a large portfolio-- yes.    But as a daily trading mechanism, well......I wouldn't could on their work. 

But they do come up with stuff that no one else does.   Some real relevant stuff.    And although I won't plagarize their work, certainly they have ideas of value that get melded into my own theories and blog posts.     So you get the benefit. 

If the viewers who come here, 200 to 1000 per day, would all visit just one of our sponsors, that would probably cover the cost of that subscription and others.   It's just a click, doesn't cost you anything, and brings the benefit of some fairly expensive pay subscriptions to you, for free.    So please patronize our sponsors.   MAHALO!   That means thanks in Hawaiian.

We also subscribe to Breakpoint Trades, which is more than just a  newsletter.   The best deal there is 6 months for $240.   See links on the left.    They have awesome specific trade ideas and mechanical systems.  They perform as trading coaches also, which we all need.

Here are some of the current trade ideas from BPT. I show that their winning trades are in the range of 80% to 90%. No JOKE, it is for real.

NOW SPEAKING of EWI.....I really really hate it when I enter the weekend short, and EWI issues a Monthly.   Reason is....EWI is so large and it's followers are sometimes so committed, that HBB can ramp against the EWI publication, and thus take money from the bears.  

So -- I am short into weekend, and late Friday comes out the EWI!!   Balderdash!


And the following original photoshop work from Kozak, who often contributes to this blog. Thanks Mr. Kozak.

And DON'T Forget to visit our advertisers -- MAHALO!!!!!

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