Monday, November 22, 2010

Fib Fan from Great Depression back in play for a Swat Down

See the bottom chart, the Fib Fan from Great Depression is amazingly back in play. And a 60 channel backtest rejection.

There is going to be lots of 78 retrace and bull boils until the buy the dip bulls get whooped.


  1. Great insight, thanks

  2. So stevie can buy a turkey for turkey day, or at least a cup of coffee, please click and visit a sponser or 8. Mahalo!

    yeah, I rediscovered that fib fan this weekend. thanks for stopping in

  3. Bulls are challenging the intermediate time frame momentum which doesn't look that bearish anymore but it's rather neutral at this point. Dollar on the other hand is almost giving a "buy" signal.

  4. I love those old fib lines. aside from their implications, the connection to a far away time is kind of cool.

    steveo, I've always're in hawaii, do you get up in the middle of the night to track the stock market or just keep normal hours and catch various global markets during daylight hours? just curious.

    overall, I'd rather be in hawaii than new york city, but maybe someday me and the missus will get there....

  5. Not lately, not so much motivation and 3:30 comes early, now its 4:30 since early Nov, Hawaii doesn't do daylight savings time.

  6. I am thinking bear frog boil tomorrow


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