Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday 11-5th Comment, and Doctor Copper

On Friday, November 5th, I had this to say......

Market has done it's job

Market has stressed out everyone.

People are sick of looking at these shenanigans and trying to trade them.

People are ready to just put the market to the side and focus on other things.

In other a major top, the market has beat people up, took their money, stressed them out, tired them out, and made them sick of the market.

Perfect time for a march downward...1% 2% 3% that no one believe, then 5% then 8%, then a ramp up as the new bears start licking their chops again, maybe even a 78% retrace.

Think of these things. Think like a crook. Look at this 20% ramp job since Sep --when everyone knows that September is the worst month for stocks, and October is horrible also.

Unfortunately, this market is actually a joke, barely a market anymore. The market has done it's job.


Joe Q Public has been taught to buy the dips.
There will be plenty of bulls getting ramped and dumped as part of this topping, back and fill cycle, which is normal.   I am playing short and will take profits quickly.   Along with a few lottery plays for deep out of the money options, with sell prices like 500% above purchase price.   i.e. to catch a flash crash.

If they organize a flash crash, it might not bounce back this time.

Doctor copper....the fat lady ain't signing yet, but she is warming up.   PRS  will advise of a confirmed enough trend change.


  1. Reaction on my blog

  2. We're on the same page. Time to take the other side and sell the rips. Have a good weekend, steveo

  3. I see dead metals. Where's M. Night Shyalaman....


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