Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long Term Charts for Some Perspective

It is hard for me to reconcile an asset valued in varying paper money over long periods of time, however the charts still do seem to speak.

In the day to day minutiae and misinformation that we live in, take a step back and look at the forest.

Looking forward to some comments, and please post up some of your own long term charts.

Anyone one have good data with commodity prices going way back?  

It is amazing how hard it is to get good historical data.   It hasn't hit my top 5 list yet in 3 years, but I still have a goal of finding the long term data on all the indices, the commodities prices, housing pricing, bond pricing, and posting them up as down-loadable files.   There is no reason that all this data couldn't just be in the public domain, with easy access.



  1. Hi Steve, here are two that might be interesting

  2. Hey I like them, but I can't see the timeframe, can you add dates?


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