Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Market just a little weak whilst USD has been quite strong

US Equities Market have been ramped up and down for sure. But overall they are just a bit weak, whilst USD is quite strong.

Assuming correlations hold, that would mean market would be increasing if USD was flat or falling.

The HBB wants to maximize their bonuses this year. I find it odd that the entire banking system (which is now HBB for the most part) make only $10B the whole year, and it still has to lie through it teeth to achieve that, yet $100B in bonuses look to get paid out. Not just odd perhaps, absurd, criminal. Whatever, that is not an issue we can solve here.

Got kicked out of copper short last night, and staying out for now, no time to really analyze and follow trades during the day. Which stinks, since playing individual issues can be quite profitable, this market is like a pop-a-mole game on red bull, as fast money and sector/stock rotation allow some quick trades.

I have a truck full of copper scrap, will make time to take it to the scrap yard this week, probably turn into $1500 USD cash.   Amazingly, they vary their buy prices directly with the spot copper price, will get probably $2.8 per pound on the scrap.

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