Thursday, November 4, 2010

original charts, from someone else....USD, SLV, and Elliot Wave warning

Elliot pre-announced publishing an EW  Financial Forecast tomorrow AM.  They have never pre-annouced before.    That is odd.

Seems like HBB would like to drop the market a few days, suck in the bears, and then take taxpayer POMO money and use it to ramp the indices.---they do that after Elliot Monthlies are issued.

Other charts by a free thinking Elliot Technician (ET).....

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  1. Very hard to tell what's going to happen short term any more. Fed has distorted the markets beyond all recognition!

  2. I agree, none of my indicators / methods are "working", even the PRS is giving false signals left and right. Copper looked like a great short based on PRS back test and rejection of the channel line. Then it rocketed up.

    Orwellian madness I tell ya!

  3. Nice rant D. No doubt we are all in a "hard place". They have us constantly wondering whether they are inept or corrupt with little in between option. Can you imagine the potential if we the people had SOME confidence in our handlers? Bears and Goldbugs are the enemies here, it is not your money. They want it in circulation, how dare you hold it. It's not yours.

    If you have to choose between a rock and hard place always go with rock. Might be some gold in the rock.

  4. I thnk they are our only choices at this moment. It is an East is East and West is West thing.

    We used to just have inept to worry about on this side of the Ocean. Eastern bloc govts have always chosen corrupt and ruthless as the way they presented themselves to their subjects and the rest of us. Our guys have generally passed themselves off as inept and maybe even contrite while both systems accomplish the same goals - appropriate private wealth for themselves and partners.

    It seems things have started to change, the tables have turned. We have some hope with the Tea Grouches that "corrupt" is being called.

    Of course, they will burn the house down before handing it back to us. We just hope that the Tea Grouches can quickly get the keys back before BB and the boys go on a drunken rampage of sorts. We don't need a corrupt drunken rampage from these guys. Since the election they have been going back to the contrite and inept playbook - we didn't know what we were doing, we are sure thankful you Joe Six Packs have pointed that out to us. We repent.

    We'll see. I suspect they are seething with contempt for being called.....they might get vindictive while they "help us" out of this mess. They will just act inept again as it doesn't work...for us. Can you say stimulus for my friends? They can.

    EOR - no, not Winnie the Poohs donkey friend. End of Rant.

  5. World Class ranting, nice coining of acronymn


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