Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rally, up to, well 2% from here.....

Amazing how many people are talking about a 'rally" to 11250 on the Dow, wow that's almost 2%.


  1. Bullishness abounds. Was talking to a close relative yesterday, who brought up tech stock XYZ, to which I opined: "We are in a bear market rally, and likely near the top. I wouldn't buy anything but commodities or Singapore dollars right now, I would wait at least a year". They were not happy with me, stating they didn't ask for my opinion.

    To which I replied, "Knowing I've been studying this shit for over a decade, just exactly what the fuck did you bring it up with me for then?". More not happy.

    Everybody wants to stick their head in the sand and think it's OK. Ah, well...

    SP popped to 1193 but still contained in the bearish extended triangle. http://thetaildoesnotwagthedog.blogspot.com/2010/11/not-looking-good-for-bulls-50-sp-point.html

  2. Danger Will Robinson! "They" want confirmation that its all clear to go back to the "good ol days" when stuff just goes up, and the head in the sand works.
    Working, thinking, evolving....hell that is all hard stuff....just let me go back to the bull.



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