Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Charts

The games are incredible.

Misinformation has always been a problem, but now the "numeratti" has more information sources easily aggregated online in order to fine tune the effectiveness of various "misinformation campaigns".

With the media primarily controlled by large conglomerates / financial companies, and the financial companies largely controlled by the gov (dependent on handouts, and lack of prosecution), well....the games get more intense.  With the Economic Hit Men having turned their sights on the motherload....the United States, we are in for interesting times.

Here are some of my favorite charts.  


  1. If we look at the consolidation around 400 on the PME as a mid-point, the measured move should take it above 500 before we see another meaningful correction. Might line up very nicely with the dollar bottoming out around $74 and perhaps an intermediate term equity top. We shall see...

  2. Good observation, if we are in the wave 3 up, I would expect to see a bit more consolidation as a 4, then final push 5 to your "above 500" target, how far above 500 would be a good question.

    Remember the Alamo! I mean the 1999 tech bubble!


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