Monday, December 6, 2010

DECEMBER 11 to 13 -- CRITICAL!! Direction to be set at least for a while? Astro by Tommy

Dec. 11, 2010 - w/Mars [T square w/ Saturn & Uranus -- (& Jupiter -- wide)]

December 11 could be a big day, other Astro sites also show significant activity through Dec 13, do a Google search--I added a few charts of my own, I only picked 2 dates, 1803 and 1903 and they both saw good size moves down, although spanning over months.

A few days back I made an online request for data that I can publish under the "Real Data" page of this website.   I received a few responses, some of which require data to be crunched.  To a great extent the daily price of various commodities and indices SHOULD NOT be information that anyone needs to pay for.   These are not government secrets.    This is basic data that has been published in newspapers, on radio, on the ticker tape, and lately on the internet. 

So far I just published price of Silver data.   Please visit real data and let me know what you think, the excel spreadsheet is not "pristine" but all the data is there.

We need more than just 25 years of data, since the last 25 years has been pretty non-typical.    If you don't understand this, I highly recommend you educate yourself about this, because we have the front row seats for a multi-century series of events that is playing out in front of us.  

One of the data contributors was Tommy, who I later found out was very well versed in Astro.

I have no time to further review this, dig into previous financial crisis dates, etc, and have to get back to some government bids so I can get my share of my tax money back.   I am only partially joking on that.



It is my sincere hope that the data I forwarded to you can be used
by yourself and others for productive research, hopefully enabling significant
contributions to the technical analytical literature.

Here are some of the best examples of Mercury's stations on
Pluto with other planetary bodies involved in the show.  I've
included the ephemerides so that you or anyone else so inclined
can check my work and perhaps provide additional clarity.

I don't think this inventory is complete (through the 1693 database),
but I think that these are most of the Mercury stations on Pluto
which involve multiple planetary elements.

I think this idea needs more development to get it to the desired
state of refinement.

The 1987 and 1720 crash provide without question the best
clarity of how vicious this Pluto clustering can be.

This time (Dec. 11 Mercury station) -could- be a dud, but my guess
is that it will not be and that we will get a significant decline on big volume.

       Oct. 16, 1987  -  w/Venus [Jupiter in 180 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       Sept. 9, 1976  -  w/Venus & Mars
       June 11, 1940 -  w/Mars [Jupiter & Saturn in 90 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       May 23, 1903  -  Mars station in square aspect to Pluto [T square w/ Jupiter & Uranus]
       June 11, 1890  -  Mars station July 5 opposition Pluto [Saturn 90 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       March 9, 1803  -  Mars station square Pluto Jan. 31 (note the March 1 inflection in the retracement; although the Mars station was inexact by 18 deg.
                       I've learned that stations increase the orb of influence by twice the arc range, at a minimum.  A lag phenomenon
                       involved here, I believe.  Note that Saturn was opposing Pluto.  A big T square was formed between Mars, Saturn & Pluto here.
       March 15, 1796  - squared by transiting Mars [T square w/ Saturn & Uranus]
       Dec. 28, 1772  -  Note the inflection point March 1 & further downside at the Mars direct station opposition Pluto (March 1 station)
       Dec. 9, 1760  -  w/Venus & Mars (not a crash, but clear inflection point in retracement) [Saturn 90 deg. aspect]
       Dec. 20, 1754  -  w/Mars [T square w/ Jupiter & Uranus]
       Sept. 20, 1720  -  w/Sun, Venus & Mars
       Aug. 10, 1696  -  w/Sun & Venus (further decline in bear)

      Dec. 11, 2010  -  w/Mars [T square w/ Saturn & Uranus -- (& Jupiter  -- wide)]



  1. Dec 11 is a Saturday? what day will the market drop

  2. I wish it was that easy....
    11th is Saturday, and 13th is Monday.....
    But this Astro stuff can just be a "dud" also.

    Also, although Tommy seems well versed, I have only check 2 of the dates, 1803 and 1903 and they both coincided nicely with a sizable drop, although not "to the day" since the charts from those days are "monthly with detail".

  3. there's always a +/- with these things, just like with cycles. maybe this week won't be another snoozefest or bullfest...which are about the same thing as far as I'm concerned! hahahaha


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