Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The eclipse was really cool. As it came back, it truly was blood red, although the camera refused to work, I guess just not enough light. The last one on the solstice was in the 1600's, but for the next one, you only have to wait 80 years. Better eat some healthy food!


  1. I'm in my hometown in upstate NY, visiting my mom. it was cloudy here last night, while back in my real home of NYC, you could watch the eclipse clear as a bell. another reason why I don't like coming up here much.

    so, did you know we're at the beginning of a new bull market that will take us through the next two years and that everything you know is wrong? I was just reading about it. how about that? paaaarrrrrrr-ty.

    well, I guess opinions are what makes a horse race. or something like that.

  2. Hooooowaaa! Party like its 1999!

    New bullish-it!

  3. No problem, hey hope you don't mind I lifted one of your chart from Evilspec or somewhere and added some lines on pops of the Bollingers.


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