Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Kayakers and ISEE addition to "Real Data"

Internet connection and TV was down all day, flash floods in Hawaii, quite a mess.   Power stayed on at least.  9000W PV system was making 37Watts, that is some dark skies!   Still have not looked at market close, or any market data today.   figures...I was up for the open, no internet at all, couldn't even grab a wireless connection.

This is a play on words of Happy Campers, like all those homeless in tent cities...I am sure they are happy campers!   :)

And below a link to the "Real Data" Page of Hawaii Trading.  Quickly--this project is intended to provide spreadsheets of real data for free.   Long term historical data, is the only way to put the current situation into perspective.

Well this ISEE data is only back to 2002, but thought it would be good to post anyway.   this is investing sentiment.    Which is very positive right now.   And that is  a negative, got it?



  1. OK glad someone got it, now lets see if the market gets it. Fear Factor appears to be breaking out to upside, meaning decreasing Fear which could model the Santa Rally. FF2 ==TNX/VIX is fully broken to upside, based on bond insanity last few weeks.


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