Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another push up

although ES is taunting a PRS 133 line (old one and a newer channel I just drew today), both are hitting PRS 133.

However, the EUR/USD appears to have some more Fib to push up to at least 50% retracement 61 even more likely.

AUD will need to run higher against the USD to knock out more new shorts.

DX hit some volume extremes on it's shake out run today, however, based on the above, I see more downside.

Also a famous EW pub pronounced "the end is near" last night, meaning ramp against the bears.  They also re-entered a silver short, claiming not to have been hurt by their last silver short since they decided to drop the stops on that one.   I have confirmed but I never read that "lower your stops" comments, although I have stopped reading  them daily, and trade results have improved. 

AND Fear Factor needs another push up in order to pop the upper Bollinger.


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