Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Charlie Brown

On a stock chat room yesterday, I opined about getting enough drop to entice the bears.

And then a "Charlie Brown Ramp" steep enough that bears feel like "it has to turn down", that is overbought, I don't have that much more to lose if I just hang on---if Lucy just let's me kick the ball this time.

Steep ramp, then frog boil.  

Frog Boil Commentary from Sep 1, 2010

We will see.   For now expect Frog Boil garnished with a POMO sauce.

No one is talking USD right now, they make a stealth move....creeping around after convincing everyone that they are in a trading range.   After some scary quick drops down.   

This thinking is reverse engineering the Numerati.   Think like a criminal.   What would a criminal do if they had enough control over the market, and yet not grab so much control so that some people still thought it was a "free market" worthy of "investment".

Just got the book 'The Numerati"

The PRS on ES allows the ES to go up to around 1285.   Above 1285 expect any sort of increase.   Up to 1285, expect a turndown.  

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