Monday, January 31, 2011

Fear Factor, ACT, PMEI Log and Lin, the whole cast of characters!

Some of my favorite charts all packaged up for you today.

Check the PMEI Log scale, and amazing channel looking for a backtest.

Below capture from Pamlala posted on Daneric.  

Tin Foil Hatter theory....HBB called their buddies...pssst, hey at 1PM, right after your Martini lunch, lets just suck all the Vix out of the options premiums....
That will cause retail to hit their sell stop triggers on the puts they just bought, and it will cause more people to buy puts at a "cheap price", then we get Timmay to hand us $100B or so interest free, and ramp the heck out of the market.    High five, high five!

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