Monday, January 17, 2011

USD down, must mean indices up

Someone did a generous donation of $100, Mahalo!

That was a bit more than I thought most would chunk down, I have donated $10 $20 on some sites.

Thousands to EWI, ouch!   Marc Faber....still like his writing, but no more on the paid report. 

A scan of futures markets says that USD goes down, there are fully convincing breaks of the the PRS 177 on most Forex.   The PRS 133 is a bounce point, or a warning, the PRS 177 is a trend change.    It really is that simple.  

That probably means that the US indices go up.   After all, I am sure  Dabama is calling the PPT, asking why the heck did US futures go down on MLK day.....sheet ain't you boyz working the weekend?    Sorry boss...the 26 year old female college student (research the actual plunge protection team, or at least the QE2 pummel your tax money and your grand kids tax money into trying to bypass a business cycle, team) had a hot date so she couldn't ramp the futures....c'mon we all need a weekend off.

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