Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gold Transition Channel and GBP

Disqus comments have been quite jacked up for a few weeks now. I saw one comment from DarkIP yesterday, tried to reply, couldn't. And then today it is just disappeared.

Sad state of affairs, even for a free service you would expect the occasional glitch, but not this level of non-performance. Programming one's own comment system is probably beyond my capability, so for now I just have to put up with it.

Gold is transitioning from one set of channels to the next. I have seen this before, it is a confirmation sign of the trend change.

GBP looks like a breakout on the futures, it is .3 above the breakline. Although it already did a pullback and retest, hard to buy the long here with short term overbought, it could easily retrace back to the breakline and a .3 move on futures is quite a bit of money. Just watching for the moment.

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