Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reducing posting alot

I am pretty tired of talking to myself on this blog, thanks for those that have visited, supported our sponsors and thus us, and commented, including many really great chart posts.

After 2000 page views in the last week, 3 comments, and $3.31 (no joke) in ad revenue, I am pretty tired and will concentrate on getting ready for a possible Primary Wave 3 Down to S&P below 200. 

In which case the Shit Hits the Fan in a number of ways, and you best be strong, healthy, weaponized, connected, have alternate transportation, friends in other countries, and precious metals stored in a safe place (your safe is not good enough, unless it is very good), and ability to adapt.  

Will this happen now, or five years from now, or with Media control, perhaps never --- if people can be convinced that a shitty life is actually good, my version of the Matrix, people believing that they are free and working their hearts out, only to have the  wealth created transferred to the powers that be.     The Matrix.

I may post occasionally, and please feel free to email me directly at

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  1. Unless you are shutting down, would you care to share some of your analysis /chartwork regarding where the market stands with the elliptic concept?

    My earlier post seems to have been deleted.

  2. Diqcus acting up. TOS acting up. annoying stuff.

    Ellipses are simple, they combine price and time in one easy to eat package, just like an egg. At fits the criteria of a rounding top or rounding bottom.

    Best examples have been the ellipse on SPX and ellipse on GLD where right before they "fall off the edge of the world", they bounce into a massive rally. Edge of the world brings the bears, then the HAL 20000's ramp against the bears using the bear money to start a momentum trend upwards that crushes every bear no matter how stalwart.

    You will find plenty of ellipses or "eggs" in prior posts.

  3. That's right, I remember you talking here about price and time relationship with the eggs last summer/fall. That was useful this past week on XLF when the 50dma lined up with where the egg shape projected which started three months ago.

    That egg shows up well on Dr. J's RIFIN chart over on DE's site this weekend.

  4. Wow, that GLD egg is something to behold!

  5. Got a new Egg for you, same old egg, but new channel lines.

  6. Aussie egg in play, day trade size

  7. That one's almost spooky how good it is. How do you play those? Just play the bounces until it finally leaves the egg?

    updated timeframe....almost skipped the edge, time will tell

    That's what I do now, for now....when you got an ellipse going, they don't fall off the edge, they springboard at the last minute, even with a little egg white penetration


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