Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trading to Win

A comment I left at Trading to Win...visit them.

David, great rant.
Charts are really small, cant see the tickers even on blow up.
I think between you, me, and Deej are the only people in this country that "get it" and sometimes I worry about you guys....

Seriously, I grew up in midwest, durings 60's 70's and sometime in the 80s people "got it" that we were f'n up our land...and it started improving and now it is pretty good at least for this cycle.

Now I see Hawaii falling down the same path, killing ourselves to live, rather than investing the boom years into infrastructure and education and beautification, Hawaii has completely squandered all the free and precious gifts it had from the get go, and all the "free income" of people coming here dropping thousands each.   It goes beyond being just a joke, it is a tragedy.   

It must be like you moving to America and seeing hope and growth and and then having the worst possible decisions be made on a grand level.  

try laughing>?

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