Sunday, March 20, 2011


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I received this email from a reader, questioning whether Breakpoint Trades provides good guidance, or else do they "pull an Elliot Wave International" or really any of the other services out there that "are never wrong".

I don’t know if you pay close attention to BPT advice, I know you like them. He does great work.

He gave a FEED buy last year on a basic trend line break – it was long term.

You bought in around 2.35 and got out not too much later. FEED is now below 2.00.

Was there ever a stop on that trade from BPT or do they do one side – entry only?

Any recollection?
Here is some of the answer.   Bottom line -- BPT gets the job done.   I posted my short trade on FEED long as a quick trade that more than paid for a 6 month membership...then the rest is gravy.

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