Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's morning in Tokyo, clock on the right ----F50, American Heroes

It is morning in Tokyo, lets see what today brings, there is a boatload of posts related to Japan, and the best of the best links for you.   I am a bit obsessed with this, but it could very well turn into something even worse than it is already.  I added a clock on the left for Tokyo, and for London for you nighttime Forex or Futures players.

One client who did some Photovoltaic with Outback battery backup system, wants to expand his system.   He is an American warrior, fighting in Afghanistan.   He says, sorry I am taking so long to get back to you on the next contract, it's fighting season over here, we lost 4 of our bomb techs in the last 2 weeks"

OK, so that brings it home like a kidney punch from a MMA expert.

What price will we pay for energy?   It seems like we are willing to pay very high prices.   I make 90% of all my energy, and plan to increase that to about 120%. 

The Fukushima 50 is really more like 300 now.   Many of these men will die within a year or so.   5 are rumored to be dead already.  500 milli-SV/Hour was reported yesterday.   That is like 200 years of natural radiation absorbed into your body in 1 hour.   

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