Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moon +3 Rule of Thumb, and Japan Links

Big moves seem to come 1 to 3 days after a moon, when they do come.   Sometimes the markets shrug off the moon like it never happened.   And from observation, new moons freak people out a bit more than full moons.   That is the anthropology in my SEA theory of living being interaction and markets.

Here is a Geiger Counter in Tokyo, last 2 days, obvious increases, although still fractions of a micro SV

Report of radioactive iodine in Tokyo water.  Apparently charcoal filters do a good job of removing this, not confirmed.   Hurts infants the most.   The reporters/gov spokespeople choose their words carefully....if bottled water is not available, giving this water to infant will not be immediately damaging.

Got it?

This is the best news source, like a twitter blog, but moderated so the real boneheads are kicked out and some meaningful discussion, and links are shared.   One guy is a 37 year experienced nuclear plant operator, with no ax to grind.


Picture of plant 4, the one an engineer "came clean" on saying he had helped to cover up reaction vessel defects decades ago.

Aerial view, of I think 2 or 3

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